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Motorola XOOM - Using a microSD card

How do I use the microSD card on my device?

MicroSD card support is now enabled in Android version 3.2
To check Android version, go to settings > About Tablet > Android version

Please note that Android 3.2 update is now rolling out in phases.


SD Card Functionality on Motorola US XOOMs

The Google Experience Devices like the Motorola XOOM and Motorola XOOM WIFI allow you to write to the SD card from your PC and use the Android File Transfer on Mac or a cable transfer on Windows to transfer files from the Motorola Xoom to the SD Card.  

While a user cannot move apps to the SD card, the device comes equipped with 32 GB of on-board memory that provides plenty of storage.  Users can also store and play videos or music from the SD card if the content was copied to the SD card via the aforementioned file transfer processes. However, videos or pictures taken from the device itself can only be saved to the internal memory and not to the SD card.

Insert your microSD card

  • Remove the microSD Card Slot tray located on the back of the device.
  • Remove dummy microSD Card and insert your microSD card in the same slot.
  • Insert the microSD card slot tray.

Copy files to your microSD card

1.  Plug the USB cable into the Motorola XOOM Tablet and then into the PC.

2.  When you plug in the tablet for the first time,  the PC will ask to install drivers, click ok to continue.  

Once the drivers are installed, the device will show up as a Motorola XOOM Media Player.  The Autoplay feature in Windows 7 will present the Motorola XOOM device with options.  (If your device is not being recognized Click Here to visit our USB troubleshooter.).

3. Click on SD card


4. Click on files from your computer and  Drag & Drop  them to the Motorola XOOM  SD card directory.



Explore and open files

While we do not endorse or guarantee these solutions, or provide support for them, some owners have reported success using a 3rd party Android Application like Astro file manager, ES File Explorer or File Explorer HD.  You can search the Android Market for 3rd party applications that are available that will enable you to view, open and explore files from your Motorola XOOM.

Using any of the above suggested application, go to /mnt/external1 to open or view content from your microSD card.

View total and available space

To view total and available space, go to settings > Storage > SD Card

Remove the microSD card

  • Go to settings > Storage > Unmount SD card > Ok
  • Remove the microSD Card Slot tray located on the back of the device.
  • Press down on the microSD card and remove.



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