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Call Motorola

We're here to help. Please give us a call to talk to an agent live about your issue. Please do not call on the phone you are having trouble with.

Canada Customer Support Numbers
On-Line and Telephone Order Inquires 1-800-461-4575
Broadband Technical Support 1-877-466-8646
Business/Government Two-Way 1-866-948-5200
Cellular 1-800-461-4575
iDEN 1-800-453-0920
Messaging 1-800-461-4575
Cordless & Corded Phones
(purchased after March 2009)
Digital Photo Frames 1-888-331-3383
Baby Monitors 1-888-331-3383

Make your phone call quick and easy by using Motorola's Pre-Call Registration form. Pre-Call Registration can be used for questions regarding your Mobile Phone or Accessory.